Ottawa comes through for the Grands Voiliers 2017

Ottawa comes through for the Grands Voiliers 2017

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 July 2015 – To commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, Quebec City was planning on presenting a show of 40 different sailing vessels to take place on the St. Lawrence River but, up until this week was never guaranteed any money from Ottawa to host the event.

This week Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally announced that Ottawa would come through with $7 million to help support the spectacle of the “Cathedrals of the Seas”. Mayor Labeaume, who had been counting on the money for some time was relieved to get the news that the city could now move forward with the project.

The mayor, who was present for the announcement, had already guaranteed $4.6 million to the Sail Training International committee who are responsible for the scheduling of the 40 odd ships which tour the globe on a regular basis.

The ships will be visiting six provinces in the country including Ontario, NS, NB, PE and NL with the grande finale being in Quebec City in the form of a Tall Ships Regatta. The boats will be here from July 19th until July 23rd.

While the ships are in port, there will be folk dancing and different festivities including the chance to visit most of the boats and chat with the approximately 3,000 in-training sailors who will be manning the masts, sails and ropes of the vessels.

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