Our George Overcomes Nick Diaz

Our George Overcomes Nick Diaz

George-St-PierreGeorge St-Pierre (GSP) reached his suite after his victory against Nick Diaz. He stayed only a few seconds, which was enough time to thank the people who helped him, and then he went to the medical room to be treated. He still had his kimono on and walked holding a bag of ice on his head to reduce the swelling.

Everyone around him could feel the adrenaline flowing in his body. St-Pierre improved his boxing skills but he still feared Diaz’s martial arts skills.

Diaz registered a few decent hits to GSP’s head, the champion used a precise jab that caused a lot of damage and that destabilized to the point where he was wondering how to dodge it.

After 30 minutes of rest, Diaz declared that GSP hit like a girl. This is the declaration of a humiliated and frustrated man.

During a press conference, George St-Pierre stayed true to himself. He answered the questions intelligently and with respect for Diaz.

His next adversary should be Johny Hendricks, who had an incredible fight against Carlos Condit to earn a victory. Just by the way Hendricks asked, everyone could feel the emotion in his voice and in his face.

Indeed, Georges St-Pierre attained a status above the champion title amongst the UFC. He is becoming an icon in the UFC 170 pounds category, like Muhammad Ali was in the heavy weights in the 60’s and 70’s. The biggest difference is that St-Pierre is a sports legend, while Ali was a political activist, religious, a statesman, and a legend.

In fact, George St-Pierre has become as big as his sport.

Dana White confirmed this in a press meeting after St-Pierre’s victory. After 20 minutes of questions about many subjects, he explained. All UFC fighters, from any weight category want to fight against George St-Pierre.

Does anyone know why this is? Because of the stash of money they’ll get for this fight. It is simple; no one can bring more than George St-Pierre.

This has happened in the past. George Foreman was world champion when he fought Muhammad Ali. He did not earn one dollar more than Ali for the fight. Each man had received $ 5 million. Ali was selling the paying TV’s in arenas. In the UFC, it is St-Pierre.

Fortunately, St-Pierre knows about this and is well surrounded. A team of councillors know well his power of attraction as well as the value of his image.
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