Outlook app banned at Université Laval

Outlook app banned at Université Laval

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 March 2015 – According to Le Soleil newspaper in Quebec City, University Laval has asked for a ban on the use of a new Microsoft application called Outlook which allows users to correspond through their cell-phones as a message and e-mail contact network.

The reason for the ban is simple. It is apparently an app that is too vulnerable for hackers and can easily be invaded allowing its intruders to steal passwords, and any information transcribed by using it.

The directives have been given to several other institutions around the world including the European Parliament and numerous other universities.

University Laval cannot outright stop the use of the app by its student body but is asking all who attend the university and its employees to stop using the Microsoft software on a voluntary basis. The risk of potential hacking is too high and the university wants to reduce the risk of pirates getting into and using any information that may or may not be pertinent to the operations of the University.

The technology staff at the university is asking anyone who already uses the app to uninstall it ASAP or at least change their password and then stop using it. The Outlook app is available for use on Apple products as well as the Android system.

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