Over $ 900,000 paid to four organizations

Over $ 900,000 paid to four organizations

The City of Québec announces a recurring Annual Grant of $ 312,500 for Three Years

The City of Québec has confirmed at the Maison de Lauberivière, at the SQUAT Basse-Ville, at P.E.C.H. And to the L.U.N.E. A three-year recurring annual grant, to end the uncertainty associated with their funding.

Sensitive to their reality, Mayor Régis Labeaume announced in a press briefing, a three-year funding agreement for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 with these four community organizations. A first in Québec City.

Growth effect

“For those who have been a volunteer in their lives, they know that finding funding, year after year is a daunting task. You put so much energy on finding said money that you have less to invest into your first mission which is to help,” he said, saying he hoped that this gesture would have a ripple effect on both Government levels.

The City will provide an annual grant of $ 312,500, which is broken down as follows: $ 202,500 to PEI, $ 75,000 to Maison de Lauberivière, $ 20,000 to SQUAT Basse-Ville and $ 15,000 to Project LU.N.E.

Impact in Saint-Roch

“Without these four organizations, we could not say that we have such a safe, peaceful city. Often people say that one can walk safely in Saint-Roch. Why? Because these organizations are there in the field  to ensure that our poorest citizens can be taken care of, “said Councilor Chantal Gilbert.

“We are very pleased with this agreement,” reacted Éric Boulay de Lauberivière, an institution that welcomes and nurtures homeless people in Québec City. “For us, it also means less accountability. It allows us to be cleared to do what we do best, help people, instead of doing paperwork.”

“Accountability over three years is going to be much easier for everyone,” added Mayor Labeaume.

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