Cole gone: Pacioretty and Desharnais don’t seem too fussed

Cole gone: Pacioretty and Desharnais don’t seem too fussed

David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty didn’t cry long over Erik Cole’s departure.

Max-Pacioretty_HabsOnce more supported by Brendan Gallagher, the two veterans attacked with two points each. They have good work ethics. It is what it takes to succeed. They are often the first on the puck and create a lot of turn overs. During their last game, the Maple Leafs had their load of luck with no success. The same phenomenon happened during the game on Wednesday before it unblocked during the third period.

On Gallagher’s goal, David Desharnais possibly earned one of the easiest plays of his career to date. Tyler Bozak opposing, wasn’t ready for that. This victory allows the Canadiens to bring their sheet to 7-0-2 since their last game against the Maple Leafs on February 9.

The Maple Leafs tried to make them lose it, but the Candiens coaches worked hard to remind the players to not fall for their mind games.

For his first match since his return with the Canadien, Michael Ryder played for 14 min and 34 s. Tomas Kaberle benefited from Raphael Diaz’s forfeit, victim of a concussion, to reintegrate the team. Therrien absolutely wanted to highlight the remarkable attitude that the defensive veteran had for this game, an attitude which he had lost for the past 12 games. He acted professionally; he never said one word and took this time to work on his physical condition. The team lost an important element in Diaz, they replaced him by Kaberle and are still successful.
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