Paintings thief captured by seduction in Quebec

Paintings thief captured by seduction in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 April 2015 – As had been posted earlier last month, concerning the theft of certain paintings and artwork being stolen from local restaurants and art exhibits in Quebec, there appears to have been an arrest made this last weekend; an arrest by seduction, but an arrest all the same.

During a painting exhibit on the weekend called Canadian Bacon 3, someone made off with three paintings worth around $1,300.00. The thieves exited through an emergency exit door at the back of the building having previously unarmed the alarm system. Immediately after the theft a group of people gathered together and started searching the surrounding streets to try and apprehend the culprits. After an hour of searching the downtown area and coming up empty handed, the search was eventually abandoned.

Later on, around 2 in the morning, two girls who had been at the art exhibit, inadvertently met up with the two men who had been seen stealing the paintings. The two girls knew who they were but didn’t let on to the thieves, and by sweet talking them and implying a certain seductive emotion the two gentlemen escorted the two girls to an all-night bar in the downtown area. Since the two suspects were already quite intoxicated it was easy for one of the girls to contact the police and have the two thieves arrested on the spot.

After searching one of the suspect’s apartments, the stolen paintings, together with some others were found. M. Phelipe Soldevila, who organised the exhibit, will be pressing charges this time, as he has had paintings stolen from other exhibits he had organised in the past.

He is upset about the thefts, because most of the paintings are by budding artists who desperately need the money from the sale of their works.

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