Paris Right Here in Quebec

Paris Right Here in Quebec

Going back in time, Paris was a continuous flow of activities and entertainment; circus, expositions, salons, artist workshops, and theatres. Still, the Musée de la Civilisation decided to present this in a contemporary style.

As visitors enter in Paris, the huge painting of Les Halles by Léon Lhermitte hangs on a wall and then people leave at the edge of the Eiffel tower after viewing a universal exhibition the city in lights from 1900. An elevated structure gives a strong impression of being on the last floor of the famous tower and the drawing expands in 360 degrees.

The aim of the exhibition is to let people know about behind the scenes of Paris and its entertainment.

This can be seen when looking at the painting Les Grimaces et misère – les saltimbaques by Fernan Pelez, which show sad and miserable parade artists.

Each section is its own neighbourhood and they all lead to the main road, a boulevard where the first Renault car is exposed and where Morris pillars are standing.

Want to go? The exhibition is on until February 23, 2014 at the Musée de la Civilisation. The cost of entry is $5 to $15 (free for children 11 years old and under).

Telephone: 418-643-2158 or -866-710-8031.
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