Parking chaos in Old Port in Quebec starting September

Parking chaos in Old Port in Quebec starting September

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 July 2015 – If you think parking in and around the Old Port is difficult under normal circumstances; it’s only going to be worse starting September 1st. The main reason for the disruption is going to be the closure of the main parking lot known as Dalhousie which is at the end of Côte de la Montagne.

The well used parking lot is being revamped and searched for archeological remnants for the next year and a half and will be “out-of-order” until June 2017.

The new installations for the announced changes to the Old Port will start being built on September 2nd. The idea is to make way for a special place called Place des Canotiers, a sort of meeting place for the sailors and crews of the Grands Voiliers who are expected to arrive in the summer of 2017.

The residents who use the parking lot have been supplied with passes which can be used to park at the City Hall parking lot together with a pass to use the “Funiculare” which connects upper town to lower town, as long as their normal spaces are not available.

The city has rented some space around the Market and Espace 400 to compensate for the lack of spots due to the construction. So starting September 1st, if you want to park around Dalhousie, don’t expect to use that lot you usually go to and don’t get upset, because you have been warned.

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