Parliamentary commission to shed light on Canadian Constitution

Parliamentary commission to shed light on Canadian Constitution

Reinforced by the overwhelming support of Quebecers, the Marois government is considering setting up a commission to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution in 1982.

“Parliamentary Commission, a review panel without the power to compel, a review committee with the power to compel …” Several scenarios are currently on the table, says Minister Alexandre Cloutier.

However, Quebec is waiting for the results of the four requests for access to the information it has made to the federal government before deciding to verify the revelations of the author Frederic Bastien.

Based on the secret archives of the Foreign Office in London, the historian argues that the rule of separation between the judicial and political powers was violated at that time.

Massive support

A Léger Marketing poll published on the 8th shows that two out of three Quebecers want Ottawa to open up the federal archives so that Quebecers can know what actually happened during the repatriation of the constitutional act without the consent of Quebec.

It is in the hands of the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, who has no restraint with the Harper government, whom are refusing to cooperate. “It is obvious that there are things they prefer to not tell the public as they are afraid of the likely reaction of Quebecers over the new information that might be found in these documents.

The straw poll also revealed that no less than 39% of Quebecers believe that the Supreme Court is not neutral and independent.
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