Parti Québecois boycotting Quebec Lieutenant Governor swearing-in ceremony

Parti Québecois boycotting Quebec Lieutenant Governor swearing-in ceremony

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 September 2015 – Quebec’s new Lieutenant-Governor, J. Michel Doyon is to be sworn-in on Thursday of this week but, there will be no member from the Parti Québécois at the ceremony. The party is against the position of Lieutenant-Governor and has tried to have the position abolished in Quebec in the past. To show their discontent on the matter they will be absent from the swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.

The last time there was a Lieutenant-Governor swearing-in occasion in 2007, the Parti Québécois was present even though they reject the title.

They explain they have better things to do that day and since they don’t believe in the position, their absence only shows their support for their stance on the matter. The WHIP of the party has all the respect in the world for M. Doyon, a well known Quebec City lawyer, but cannot rally around his new status.

The Coalition de l’avenir du Québec (CAQ), the second opposition party, does not support the position of Lieutenant-Governor either but, out of respect for the tradition and for M. Doyon himself they will be present at Thursday’s ceremony which will take place in the red room of the National Assembly.

The Lieutenant-Governor, who represents the Queen of Canada for the province, costs the taxpayers about $750,000 a year and has long been a controversial posting in the province as well as elsewhere in Canada.

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