Parti Québécois Leadership Still a Race

Parti Québécois Leadership Still a Race

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 May 2015 – Despite the strong lead of Pierre-Karl Péladeau, the Parti Québécois leadership race is still very much a race as far as at least one other contender is concerned.

Bernard Drainville surprised many of his PQ supporters by suddenly announcing he was dropping out of the race and supporting current PQ favourite Pierre-Karl Péladeau late last month, leading many observers to conclude that M. Péladeau had essentially sealed the deal.  Polls showed his support among PQ members was well over 50%, more than enough to easily become the next PQ leader in the first round of an eventual vote.

Independent polling by Alexandre Cloutier, also running for the leadership post, however cast doubt on just how dominant M. Péladeau’s lead currently is.  By his numbers, M. Péladeau only commands a 50.5% lead, with M. Cloutier in second at 36.1%.  Martine Ouellet, another PQ leadership hopeful, also conducted her own polling.  Her results: 45% to 52% for M. Péladeau, with herself in second place at 26% and M. Cloutier third at 20%.  In M. Cloutier’s poll, Mme Ouellet had 9.7% of the PQ’s support.

It goes without saying that these are not independent polls and could be tailored to the needs of each candidate, and so these values should be taken with a grain of salt.  However, at least in the minds of PQ leadership hopefuls, this race is far from over.  PQ members are scheduled to vote for their new leader as of May 13th.

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