Partial Reopening of the Museum of Civilization in Quebec

Partial Reopening of the Museum of Civilization in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) September 21, 2014 – The Museum of Civilization in Quebec partially reopened yesterday morning, five days after the facility had been damaged by fire. For now, part of the east wing of the building remains closed off to the public due to the damage caused by the fire, which broke out in the roof of the building of Dalhousie Street.

“There was some damage, not only fire, but because of water […] There are rooms that need to be completely redone. We have rooms that are closed to the public and will not be able to open for a few months “, said Michel Côté, Director of the Museum of Civilization.

Nevertheless, it is certain that some exhibits remain accessible to the public. Animation and several workshops are also available today.

“There still are open exhibits […] Masters of Olympus, the animation at the NFB and added many cultural activities, workshops of all kinds for the entire family, “said Michel Côté.

Fifty firefighters responded Monday to master the flames, which damaged two showrooms. The works, however, have been spared, although smoke and water caused extensive damage.

The fire has been found to be related to repairs that were being done on the building.

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