Saint Jean Baptiste party-goers appreciate safety measures

Saint Jean Baptiste party-goers appreciate safety measures

A survey reveals that the tightening of security measures in Quebec City surrounding the Fête Nationale has received positive feedback.

The new safety measures during the Saint Jean Baptiste delight the public. Almost 9 out of 10 participants approved of them. What’s more, the alcohol and drug consumption seems to have dropped.

This is what a survey commissioned by the City of Quebec and executed by the firm Léger reveals.

The municipality wanted to know the participant’s perception of the national holiday following the measures put in place in 2011 to increase safety and reduce crowds. Léger has done the same procedure every year since 2011.

The sites of the Saint-Jean festivities in Quebec City are perceived as being very safe.

99% of survey respondents, who were intercepted at the various celebratory sites, said  that they felt safe while walking on the Plaines and in the streets. Moreover, 81% of them felt “totally safe” in 2016, comparable to 61% in 2011.

Support from participants

The tightening of security measures imposed by the Labeaume administration in 2011 seems to garner the support of the participants.

89% of respondents considered measures such as the prohibition of drinking alcohol on the streets satisfactory. These restrictions are especially appealing to those aged 55 and over.

No fewer than 44% of revelers said they did not use alcohol or drugs on the night of the party. A “significant increase”, according to Léger, compared to 18% in 2011.

35-44 year-olds, women, and residents of Quebec City were more likely to celebrate without alcohol.

Less addicted

Interviewers were also asked to evaluate, depending on their perception, the level of intoxication of the people they questioned.

“From the interviewers’ perceptions, significantly fewer participants had alcohol-impaired faculties this year,” the pollster wrote in his analysis report.

The mayor of Quebec did not wish to comment on the results.


99% of participants felt that the Plains of Abraham and the streets of Quebec City were safe at the Saint Jean

89% are satisfied with the security measures in place

7% said they were very or somewhat impaired by alcohol or drugs

44% said they had not used alcohol or drugs


The survey was conducted on June 23, 2016 with 494 people aged 16 or older and randomly intercepted at the different celebration sites. The maximum margin of error for such a probabilistic sample is plus or minus 4.4% in a 95% confidence interval, 19 times out of 20. “This allows reliable extrapolation of the results to the target population”, Notes Léger.

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