Party’s Over for Woodstock en Beauce

Party’s Over for Woodstock en Beauce

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 October, 2014 – The music festival Woodstock en Beauce announces the end of business, 20 years after its first show.

Organizers made the announcement Friday morning on their website. They say they want to focus on their respective careers.

Michel Plante, one of the organizers said he was saddened by the decision. “It breaks my heart. At one point, we go by the numbers. That’s what brought us to the decision of whether to put the event on or not”, citing the lack of funding for the annual event.

This is also what is written in the press release explaining the decision of the organizers. It says that members are breathless. They also bemoan the lack of support from the municipality of Saint-Ephrem-de-Beauce, which has held the event since 1995.

This is not the first time the event Woodstock en Beauce has been threatened due to lack of funding.

Last year, the group, which had difficulty making ends meet, was placed under the protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. It was understood, however, with its partners to present the 20th festival in June.

The mayor of the small town, Normand Roy, was disappointed. He also surprised by the accusations in the press. Roy argues that the small town of 2,600 inhabitants did everything it could over the years to help the event to survive.

“We still came a long way in the last five years, during that difficult time, but the festival is not based solely on the shoulders of the municipality of Saint-Ephrem”, he argues.

Completion of the activities will affect small municipalities in the sector, taking advantage of the presence of many festivals each year.

“Convenience stores, grocery stores, local Quebec campgrounds etc. It was more than at St. Ephrem. The four or five municipalities around profited as much as St. Ephrem and on that side, it’s very unfortunate”, said Mr. Roy.

The mayor hopes to meet with the organizers to see if their decision is final. He also wondered if other people might not be interested in taking over.

Woodstock en Beauce, which had a budget of about $ 1.5 million, welcomed on average 60,000 visitors each year, nearly 25,000 of those being campers.

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