Passages Insolites back in full force for 2015 summer

Passages Insolites back in full force for 2015 summer

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 June 2015 – In case you missed them last year the crazy pop art scene known as Passages Insolite, (Public Unusual Pop Art) is back this summer and will be more prevalent than ever.

Urban-art-QuebecIn all, there will be 12 different sculptures or art forms placed throughout the Place Royale and Petit Champlain areas. Last year, which was the inaugural exhibition, the art was popular with the local residents and especially with the thousands of tourists who visit the city every year. There were huge tomato soup cans, coloured junk hanging from buildings, and blue chairs set up in patterns spread out through the streets of the old city which could be touched and used hands on by anyone who passed by.

The city has invested $325, 000 into the project this year and hopes the new additional art, some from as far away as France, will be as popular with the tourists as it was last year. Julie Lemieux, the city’s cultural councillor in charge of the project, states that the art is highly photographed therefore promoting it and the city to all parts of the world.

No statistics can have been complied, but for Vincent Roy, the director in charge of the exhibition, the art and its impact on the city as a tourist attraction is “priceless”.

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