Pastor accused of harbouring and mistreating adolescents

Pastor accused of harbouring and mistreating adolescents

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 October 2015 – A local pastor living in Quebec City is under investigation for having harboured several young teenagers in the basement of his house for over seven years. The young adolescents are reported to have been underfed, victims of physical cruelty and being required to suffer endless exercises which no human should have to endure.

One victim claims he was forced to do 8,000 ‘burpee push-ups’ without having any food until he was finished. He also claims he was imprisoned in the basement for 6 years at times having no food for up to 10 meals. Another claims he was forced to stand facing a wall for 41 days without proper food or water.

The total number of children involved has not been divulged but, they had all been under the care of the pastor because their parents had confidence in the man that he would discipline them and look after them in a positive way.

One boy who managed to escape at 21 years old said the conditions were like living in a torture chamber and being treated as slaves. The only time the victims were allowed to go outside was when they were taken to church.

The pastor involved was accused last April of mistreatment to minors and had been released from the church he was involved in several years ago, but had been preaching at a church in Quebec City. The neighbours possibly suspected something but never went to the authorities.

It has been discovered that there may have also been a private daycare on the first floor of the same house.

The Quebec youth protection agency (DPJ) is studying the case.

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