Patrice Michaud’s Third Album Almanach Launched with Style

Patrice Michaud’s Third Album Almanach Launched with Style

Review by Nathalie Peron

Québec City (Québec) February 7th, 2017, District St-Joseph – Cap-Chat native singer and songwriter Patrice Michaud launched his third album Almanach in the cozy and intimate venue offered at District St-Joseph, in the heart of the St-Roch district. Surrounded by friends and family – with the little ones running around as well, two of which were his, by the way – Michaud offers his third album. During a casual 5 à 7, Michaud presented some songs from the new album, ready to let the fledgling songs fly on their own and grow, as the songs recorded in studio are meant to change as they are performed. And perform he will, as his touring schedule is fully packed at least until June.

Michaud, most known as a folk-rock composer with his two previous albums – Le Triangle des Bermudes (spring 2011) and Le Feu de Chaque Jour (February 2014) – slightly pulls away from the folky sound and introduces jazzy and reggae inspired beats. Whereas some songs are more rock, others, acoustic ballads for example, are less upbeat. Throughout, though, there is a sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment. The melodies are catchy and easy to listen to, without being overly predictable. The album even includes a rather touching poem recited by his four year old son.

Michaud does not break any musical barriers with this album, though, and stays within the lines of what is presently produced in the Québec music scene. Nonetheless, you constantly feel the sincerity of the artist all along the album and his actual enjoyment for the music he has written. Singles from previous albums have played on various radio stations, to much acclaim, and the success is sure to be repeated with this latest album. In fact, even before the release of the album, its first single Kamikaze has topped Quebec’s radio billboard.

The album is available on iTunes and Google Play, and it comes warmly recommended as it is sure to warm you during these last frozen months of winter or entertain you and your guests in some cozy get-together.



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