Payout packages causing conflict at Université Laval

Payout packages causing conflict at Université Laval

Main pic: Flag of Laval University, Quebec City / Drapeau de l’Université Laval, Québec. Photo credit: Cephas

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 December 2014 – It has been discovered that the directors of Université Laval here in Quebec City are paying themselves some huge bonuses when they retire or when they are finished a teaching mandate.

In these times of austerity these particular payout packages seem rather out of line by the university’s professors union and by the student union association known as (CADEUL).

The university has been asked and obliged to cut back on certain expenses to maintain a workable budget by the Federal and provincial governments but, somehow has managed to pay their executives some fancy bonuses.

The whole matter is causing quite a stir, even at the government level.

The provincial government claims the payouts were organized illegally and doesn’t understand how such a program could have been transparent, under all the scrutiny going on in regards to government spending.

Pretty much the whole university administration staff, the professors and the student body cannot understand how such an extravagant payout program could even exist with all the pressure being put on the university itself to reduce its operating expenses.

The directors of the university who will be receiving the generous packages claim the program was set up long before the budget cuts came into being. The obvious answer seems to be that those who are in charge of running the campus (the same people receiving the bonuses) made cuts to the operations and administration costs without touching their own retirement benefits.

The matter is going to be investigated by the government and may even cause some pressure tactics from the ordinary personnel who help run the campus.

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