Pedophile Québécois caught in Florida police sting

Pedophile Québécois caught in Florida police sting

Miami (Florida) 9 January 2015 – A suspected pedophile from the Sherbrooke area in the south of the province has been detained in Florida after answering an on-line communication inviting him to come and have sex with a minor in the state.

M. René Roberge, 47, answered the e-mail and then proceeded eventually to book a flight for Florida to meet up with a supposedly young 14-year old boy. As it turned out the e-mails and consequential conversations were a sting operation by police to find and arrest pedophiles.

These kinds of trap are becoming common in the world as a means to infiltrate pedophile communities and seek out the criminal behind them.

M. Roberge was arrested in November when he went to the address where his supposed victim was apparently living. He was taken into custody and is being held without bail as the courts believe he could be a risk to the population and that he could also try to leave the state of Florida to go elsewhere.

Police have seized his tablet, which apparently is full of juvenile pornographic material and electronic correspondence to different individuals.

There is evidence that M. Roberge was also planning on going to Texas after Florida to meet with another young boy of 13 for sexual favours.

The individual in Texas was not attached to any sting operation.

M. Roberge was due to appear in court in Florida on January 12th but, his case has been postponed until January 26th because of what appears to be a plea by his lawyer to admit guilt on certain points in order to reduce his sentence which could go as far as life in prison.

M. Roberge previously pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to have sex with a minor and travelling to the US with intentions to indulge in pedophile activities.

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