Peggy – Part Seven – The Conclusion

Peggy – Part Seven – The Conclusion

Main pic: Drapeau de la ville de Québec, Québec, Canada. Photo credit: Gilbertus

Here is the 7th, and concluding, instalment of John Spychka’s ‘Peggy’.

Peggy – Part Seven

Sitting at the terrace bar on the roof of Auberge St. Antoine—just above the Old Port and overlooking the peaceful St. Lawrence River—breathing the fresh evening air, sipping on a cool beer makes me feel better.

It is eight pm.

“Absolutely insane,” I say.

“Yeah,” Hannah replies.

“To think that Arnold would seek revenge on the British by ramming Peggy, a ghost ship, into the Queen Mary II on Quebec City’s 400th birthday. Saying that now makes me realize how crazy it sounds. I mean, Arnold was a proud man, a military genius, and he must have despised Carleton, but to think that his ghost could do such a thing today. I really don’t understand what got into me.”

“I got caught up in it too. But, you know Arnold was a traitor. It began when, after risking his life in the Battle of Quebec, less experienced brigadiers were promoted over him. Plus, he was always fighting with the American Congress over more troops, his honour, or receipts he believed the government owed him. It is well documented that he planned to hand over the American fort at West Point, New York to the British in 1780. When he defected to England, the British compensated him generously, even giving him land in Canada.”

“I remember that now. But, if that’s true, then why would Arnold want to blow up a British ship? He had switched allegiances. It was really the Americans, those who defamed and court marshalled him, whom he wanted to take revenge on.”

Just then Hannah’s eyes open wide and her mouth drops. She points over my shoulder. I slowly stand up, turn my head, and—from the roof of the restaurant—I clearly see the two cruise ships docked and a third ship rapidly approaching the Yankee Magic. It is the eighteenth century brigantine, Peggy, in full sail. She is moving fast, maybe ten or twelve knots, impossible given the windless conditions; she’s heading straight for the port side of the American cruise liner. I look carefully and see Arnold at the helm of Peggy, wearing his tricorn hat, proudly waving his sword.

When Peggy hits Yankee Magic, time stands still. I remember hearing an enormous noise, like a huge thud. I jump over the table and grab Hannah. We fall to the floor as I try to shield her from the impending explosion.

The End

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