Pets on the Move

Pets on the Move

The annual Moveathon is almost upon us.

Spare a thought for all those pets on the move too:

Every year during the moving season across Quebec province, some pet owners abandon their little friends.

Thousands of cats, dogs, and other animals are then left on their own.

However, pet owners must ensure the well-being of their animals since they are responsible for them. This means that they can’t abandon them, they must respond to their basic needs, register them in their municipality, and sterilize them.

For many reasons, sometimes owners just can’t keep their pets. When they choose to move on and leave them behind, they must absolutely give them to an animal refuge. Leaving an animal in a refuge is a last resort.

There are many better methods! One can inform his/her neighbours and friends that their pet needs a new home. Some neighbours or family might be interested. There are also social networks that can be of great help. If this doesn’t work, a picture and short description can be published in the news paper to let the community know.

Abandoning an animal is, according to law, animal cruelty. The animals left alone have a shorter life expectancy. Also, abandoning a pet can cause overpopulation and public health problems.

If you’re moving on this year, think of your pet too.
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