Pierre-Bertrand clinic loses four nurses

Pierre-Bertrand clinic loses four nurses

By renouncing to its status as a network clinic, the Pierre-Bertrand medical center in Quebec City lost its four nurses, in addition to, as of Saturday, having to put an end to consultations without appointment for dozens of unregistered patients.

“We have been advising clients about our decision to focus on our GMF (Family Medicine Group) mission for a long time. This is the way to go, seeing as though we do not have the infrastructure and staff necessary to become a superclinic,” says Dr. Nathalie Morin, Assistant Director of the Pierre-Bertrand Medical Clinic, who has served the Vanier sector for 20 years.

As a result, the center’s network-clinic funding was cut off. At peak times, doctors would see between 60 and 70 patients who were not signed up to the the walk-in.

Breach of service apprehended

“I am apprehensive of a break in service for the people in the area, given that the nearest clinic, the Le Mesnil clinic, is already very busy. Situated not far from there, Maclinique (presumed to be a superclinic) will only open its doors in May,” says Dr. Morin.

Some 24,000 patients are enrolled in GMF Pierre-Bertrand. Three of the 17 doctors have around 2000 patients. “Minister Barrette wants doctors to be more assiduous with their patients and to take care of new ones. That’s what we’re going to do,” says Dr. Morin.

Val-Bélair Network Clinic

Aspiring to become a superclinic, the Val-Bélair network clinic retains its funding for the next year, but recruiting new doctors will not be a small task.

“We have a staffing problem. We need at least eight doctors to cover the extended hours of a superclinic. It’s a big order. We have to do our homework and see if the project is feasible,” says Dr. Sophie Claude, at the Val-Bélair network clinic.

The center records 33,000 walk-in consultations per year, 10,000 of which are for non-registered patients who will continue to benefit from these services for at least one year.

Ministerial Requirements

The clinic has seven physicians, in addition to the support of two associate physicians from Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier and another physician in Valcartier. This year, she was allowed to welcome only one new billing doctor.

If it becomes a superclinic, the Val-Bélair medical clinic must admit a minimum of 20,000 unregistered patients to the walk-in clinic. At the same time, physicians will have to be more assiduous with their enrolled patients.

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