Pierre Karl Péladeau accusing journalists of harrassment

Pierre Karl Péladeau accusing journalists of harrassment

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 November, 2014 – The new star candidate for the Parti Québecois, Pierre Karl Péladeau (aka PKP), the would be future leader, is upset about being contacted by journalists on his private smartphone line. He is calling it harrassment and considers calls to his personal cellphone or messages sent to his private Twitter acount as an invasion of his privacy. He also doesn`t like being stopped in hallways and stairways of the National Assembly to be asked questions out of the blue, when he may not have an answer prepared or could be taken off guard.

He claims there are press conferences set up on a regular basis and there are press secretaries who are hired to answer any questions concerning his political intentions or views on different matters. He claims that outside of those scheduled media encounters, he shouldn’t be bothered by inquiries from journalists no matter who they are or who they work for and no special «scoops» should be passed on to one particular news outlet over another.

He was especially upset this week when he made public comments about the Bloc Québecois and then contradicted them to another journalist on his private line, catching him unprepared and doing exactly what he had accused the leader of the CAQ of doing a week earlier.

All other political leaders in the province, including some from his own party, seem to think that receiving calls from journalists at home is common practice and that being a politician, it’s pretty much part of the game. One of them was quoted as saying, ‘you have to be selective and learn how to deal with the problem.’

M. Péladeau is becoming renowned as a bit of a hothead when it comes to making comments about the media and his opponents. Whether it’s members of his own party, or from elsewhere, he often has some strong opinions towards certain topics which makes him appear somewhat erratic in a lot of his statements.

If we recall, PKP was the man who pounded his fist on the lectern during the recent spring election campaign.

PKP has still not said if he will run for the leadership of his party but in the meantime, is receiving huge media coverage, free of charge.

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