FEQ50: Pink on the Plains – ”Dance Like You’re a Complete Idiot”

FEQ50: Pink on the Plains – ”Dance Like You’re a Complete Idiot”

Review by Nathalie Peron

Québec City (Québec) July 8th, 2017, Festival d’été de Québec, scène Bell – “Can you dance?” P!nk asks the audience “Because I can’. But this next song makes me want to dance like I’m a complete idiot.”

And so it did – like all of her songs, it made the whole lot of people on the Plains dance look like they were complete idiots, which was quite a feat, considering the staggering number of people present. Right from the get go, she came up and got the party started, despite the fact it had been a while since she’d toured, The Truth About Love tour dating back to 2013-14. The crowd was captivated both by the stage presence of the artist but also with all that came with her, namely, giant inflated freaky-looking dolls, phenomenal dancers and brilliant musicians.

All her hits were there, to the great delight of the fans as well as various cover songs that fit the singer like a glove; No Doubt’s I’m Just a Girl mashed with Funhouse gave a spectacular result and Bishop Rigg’s River was faithful and authentic. For a more toned down, acoustic portion of the show, P!nk and guitarist Justin Derrico got closer to the audience and played slower songs, including a stunning cover of Me and Bobby McGee. This candid moment was concluded with a reprise of Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You which, to the surprise of the audience, was true to the original, including the hard-rock interruptions: the contrast was brilliant.

Despite a couple of blanks and forgotten lyrics here and there – which, honestly, everyone there forgave her instantly – P!nk proved to Québec City that she is the uncontested pop artist of her generation: genuine, charismatic and charming (and really freakin’ funny) she stormed the Plains with her energy… and that was before the acrobatics.

When all thought the show had hit the end, out came P!nk hooked to a wire for the encore So What, sung from on high, twirling and flipping and streaking through the night sky. Her presence at the festival was truly a treat.

The show was opened by Grace Mitchell, a 19 year old indie pop singer that shows great potential; she has played at Coachella and has opened shows for The Weeknd, namely. The second opening act was K-Flay who offered a strong performance in her style, rap infused indie pop, but who unfortunately chose slower beats and lost the attention of the audience that was itching for a party. We will have a chance to see her again though, as she is coming to the Centre Vidéotron with Imagine Dragons in October.

Festival d’été de Québec 50th year event – 11 days of great music.


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