Plains of Abraham – 6000 Strong Against Breast Cancer

Plains of Abraham – 6000 Strong Against Breast Cancer

Quebec City (Quebec) October 5, 2014 – This morning, some 6000 people took over the Plains of Abraham in a charity run to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.

The runners, many of whom were themselves touched by breast cancer or who are friends and relatives of those affected by the disease, convened this morning behind the ruins of the Manège Militaire at the invitation of the Fondation du cancer du sein du Québec (Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation). Organizers say the number is a record. Similar races were simultaneously held in Sherbrooke and Montréal.

In all, runners raised over 2.4M$, with the Québec portion of the race raising 435 000$ to be spent on breast cancer research.

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