PODCAST: 2015 Canadian Federal Election – Week 8 Discussion

PODCAST: 2015 Canadian Federal Election – Week 8 Discussion

Main pic: Andrew Greenfield, political science graduates Guy Bergeron (Bloc Québécois supporter) and Colin Standish (Liberal party supporter) discuss week 8 of the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign.

In this the eighth week of the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign we discuss the outcome of the televised French-language leadership debate and more.

Question put to Colin Standish and Guy Bergeron included:

1. What were your impressions of last week’s leader’s debate in French?

2. Did the topics and leaders’ messages differ compared to the English debates?

3. Why is the niqab issue such a political hot potato when the number of women actually affected is so small?

4. Why does it seem to matter to Quebecers?

5. How did the smaller parties fare (i.e. Bloc and Green)?

6. Is it still anybody’s race among the top three?

7. How relevant is Elizabeth May, wouldn’t she be better off joining one of the big 3 parties and taking the lead on green issues for them?

8. This is a federal election in a bilingual country. There’s many thousands of French Canadians living in every province and territory in addition to Quebec so why weren’t they really addressed at all during the recent debate in French?

9. Would it be worth hosting a debate in French in another province and an English one in Quebec as most watch on TV or online so the location is largely symbolic isn’t it?

10. We spoke last week about the NDP allowing, for a small fee, supporters to put messages on campaign posters in Stephen Harper’s riding.
They’ve been removed by city employees allegedly due to an error.
Do you think this was deliberate?

11. Facebook group Je Vote Voilée has for far got 7,700 members allegedly covering up their faces to vote on 19th October.
There’s photos of people dressed as Darth Vader, with potato sacks on their heads, and with bags on their heads amongst other things. Why has it go so much support?

12. The first French-language debate was held last week. This was the first time Gilles Duceppe squared off with the other party leaders, and most would agree that if this election was a game of poker, at this point Duceppe was “all in”. To put it bluntly – was Duceppe’s message enough to keep the Bloc in the game?

13. Despite having only one MP, the Green Party has cemented its position in these debates in no small part due to leader Elizabeth May’s solid debating ability. Québécois systematically rate the environment as a higher priority than their compatriots elsewhere in Canada – do you think the Green Party’s message is getting through to Québec in these debates, or is Elizabeth May simply invited as a wild-card to shake things up between leaders?

We’re 8 weeks in to the 11-week campaign marathon. Hang in there as voting day will be here before you know it.

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