PODCAST: 2015 Canadian Federal Election Week 9 Discussion

PODCAST: 2015 Canadian Federal Election Week 9 Discussion

Main pic: Life in Québec Magazine publisher Andrew Greenfield discusses the week’s events with political commentator Colin Standish.

In this the ninth week of the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign we discuss the outcome of the 2 televised debates, Justin Trudeau’s ‘Mon amour’ and more.

Here are some of the questions we picked over this week:

1. The stakes were high in Friday’s (live TV) debate.
As far as many are concerned, Friday night’s debate was Gilles Duceppe’s last chance to prove the relevance of his party and arguably of his career in this election.
Mr Mulcair also needs to stop the hemorrhaging of his party’s popularity towards its uncertain Québec base if he wants to remain relevant.
Did they succeed?

2. Elizabeth May and the Green Party were notably absent from last night’s debate, stifling a party that is represented in Parliament and presents candidates in every riding across Canada, and barring the only woman in the game from participating in the debates.
How well does this hold with you?

3. It seems Mr Mulcair and Mr Trudeau finally have an answer to Harper’s and Duceppe’s use of the niqab question,
bringing the debate towards the Conservative party’s spotty record on women’s rights and pledging their own progressive positions on the issue.
Will that answer satisfy voters?

4. A significant part of Friday’s debate talked about the use of Canada’s military forces fighting ISIS/ISIL.
This is an issue on which the “big three” parties differ significantly – how does each party’s position hold up to Canadians’ expectations?

5. Justine Trudeau addressed Gilles Duceppe as ‘mon amour’ rather than ‘mon ami’ during a face to face segment of the debate. Slip of the tongue, and funny for many, but is Trudeau under pressure and can he handle it?

6. The premiers in each province have remained relatively quiet during this campaign. Is this normal?

7. Can provincial politicians and premiers help during federal elections? Do their voices and opinions count?

8. Is the Bloc Québécois on the rise again in Quebec?

9. Who’s leading the race to 24 Sussex Drive right now?

10. The pot smoking issue. Is it as bad or worse than tobacco? Should it be legalized?

We’re 9 weeks in to the 11-week campaign marathon. We’re none the wiser as to who’s in the lead. We’ll know the outcome soon enough. Nearly there, people. Nearly there!

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