PODCAST: Ahmadiyya muslim community in Quebec

PODCAST: Ahmadiyya muslim community in Quebec

Main pic: Sarah Cherki of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community speaks to Quebecers during an information session on Islam. Photo credit: Ruby Pratka.

This is a recording of the article Promoting Islam in Quebec City written by Ruby Pratka.

In November 2014 a local muslim community extended an open invite to the people of the region to come and get to know them a bit better.

This met with mixed results, but was deemed a success by the organisers.

If there has ever been an easy time to be an imam in Quebec City, now is not it. The divisions stirred up by the Charter of Values still rear their heads every time Islam is mentioned, and the murders of two Canadian soldiers by Quebec-born Muslim converts raised concerns in the media that young men were being pushed to adopt a radical, Islamic State-inspired version of Islam.

It’s not an easy time to promote Islam in Quebec City. But Luqman Ahmed, a 26-year-old Ahmadiyya Muslim imam, has decided to try. With pizza, pop and free Qur’ans, he and three of the members of his congregation attempted to win hearts and minds Wednesday evening at a community centre on Rue Boivin in Ste-Foy.

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