PODCAST: Amélie Godin 2016 Carnaval de Québec Duchess

PODCAST: Amélie Godin 2016 Carnaval de Québec Duchess

Amélie Godin is a resident of Quebec City and she’s recently been selected as the Carnaval de Québec duchess for Ste-Foy, Sillery, Cap-Rouge for 2016.

Hosted across multiple sites in Quebec City, the Carnaval is one of the largest winter carnivals in the world.
The 2016 edition runs from January 29 through to February 14.

We recently sat down with Amélie to talk about her experience so far, her chosen charity, and how you can support it and her quest to become Carnaval Queen.

Amélie Godin waves to the crowd at the Quebec Remparts game. Centre Vidéotron, September 2015. Photo credit: Richard Rivest.

Amélie Godin waves to crowd at Quebec Remparts game. Centre Vidéotron, Sept 2015. Photo credit: Richard Rivest.

Here are some of the questions we put to Amélie:

Q. What made you apply to be a duchess?

Q. Talk to me about the selection process, what did you have to do?

Q.How many duchesses are there and what happens next?

Q. So people need to vote for you then? How do they do that?

Q. What is there to see at the Carnaval de Quebec?

Q. Why is it so important for the region?

Q. When will you find out if you will be crowned Carnaval Queen?

Q. Between now and then what can people do to support you?

Q. Tell our listeners a bit about you and why people should vote for you?


You can show your support by visiting the Amélie Godin Gosselin Duchesse Ste-Foy, Sillery, Cap-Rouge Facebook page.

Websites of interest:

Quebec Winter Carnival

Les Duchesses du Carnaval

Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec

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