PODCAST: Canadian Federal Election Campaign Week 10

PODCAST: Canadian Federal Election Campaign Week 10

Main pic: Life in Québec Magazine publisher Andrew Greenfield discusses Canadian politics at the federal level with political commentator Colin Standish.

Welcome to election perspectives, our regular look at the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign.

This is week 10 of the 11-week campaign and the last one before polling day.
As ever we’re joined by Colin Standish, a former prospective Liberal party nominee for the riding of Compton-Stanstead in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. He is a political science graduate and is up to speed with the goings-on in the federal political scene.

Before we get to this week’s questions, I’d like to start by having a little word about the Conservatives.
To say I’m disappointed is a massive understatement.
Conservative supporters have been invited to all of our recordings and have never responded to us so we’ve never had them on election perspectives.

In the interests of fairness they were continually invited despite us being roundly ignored by them.

The candidate in our riding, was invited with all the others, for a round table chat on October 7th.

3 candidates did come – Liberal, Bloc Québécois, and NDP. We got to put a number of questions to them
and you can see the video in the politics section on LifeinQuebec.com.

The Conservatives candidate in our riding did not respond to our invite.

We would have loved you, the Conservatives, to have been involved, if only for a sense of balance and fairness.

That no supporters or members of the candidates team ever responded to our regular invitations smacks of extreme arrogance.

Whoever is telling you not to talk to the media and indeed the electorate needs to go and stand in front of the
nearest mirror give themselves a stern talking to!

Why won’t you talk to us? Are you being muzzled from above? You maybe are.

To emphasise the point, party leaders from the Bloc Québécois, Liberal Party, NDP, and Conservative Party were invited on to popular French-language show Tout le monde en parle in the last couple of weeks.

No prizes for guessing the only party leader to decline the invite.

Here’s what we covered this week:

1. 1. Reports coming in that advance voting is hitting record-high numbers. What does this mean for the election?

2. A few days ago the NDP offered the Liberals a formal coalition in the event that this becomes the only way to oust the Conservatives. The Liberals have however refused. Is that a good move for either party?

3. Strategic voting. What is it, for those who don’t know? Can it work and how?

4. In what ways is strategic voting different in our new three-party (four in Québec) system?

5. We’ve seen people dressed in potato sacks, costumes and all sorts during advance voting.
Why are they doing this? Is there any point to it?

6. Has that issue (the one dominating the campaign) been used a smokescreen and was it planned well in advance?

7. Not long now until voting day. Are we going to see a new prime minister or will Mr Harper remain in Ottawa?

8. Why is it important to get out there and vote?

So there you have it, that’s the end of election perspectives for now.

See you at the polls on Monday 19th October and whoever you support, make your voice heard!

It’s your right to do so, please don’t waste it.

We’re into the last week. This gruelling 11-week campaign marathon is almost done.
We’re none the wiser as to who’s in the lead. We’ll know the outcome soon enough. Nearly there, people. Nearly there!

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