PODCAST: Celebrated cartoonist Serge Gaboury

PODCAST: Celebrated cartoonist Serge Gaboury

This is a recording of an article on Serge Gaboury and his career as a cartoonist.

The article, written by Simon Jacobs, is narrated here by Michael Bourguignon.
It first appeared in the December 2014 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Serge Gaboury may fly under the public’s radar but his work is instantly recognizable to many Québécois.

Creator of the Grif and Graf comic strip that appears in Les Débrouillards, a monthly science journal for kids, Gaboury’s career really took off with the publication of Croc magazine in 1979.

He went on to be regularly published in Le Devoir, Le Soleil and 7 Jours, with animated cartoons on Canoë and Cyberpresse and on the Radio-Canada TV program Et Dieu créa… Laflaque, now known as ICI Laflaque.

When he started, there were no professional comic strip artists in Québec, as there were no real professional outlets for their work. His first contracts were working for the Laval University student newspaper and some local papers in Quebec City. He occasionally had some government contracts, as they had started to use cartoons in their literature.

Gaboury is very pragmatic when it comes to creativity. “If I have to start from scratch, well that’s where I start,” he explains. “If I have to start from something that is written, well, that’s where I start. One is not more difficult than the other.” Safarir sends a script, whereas Les Debrouillards just requires him to produce two pages.

The life of a cartoonist can be quite lonely and he very rarely gets any feedback. “I would have stopped long ago if I had needed that,” he says, laughing. He has few professional friends as they rarely have a chance to meet. He won prizes in 1981 and 1982 at the Salon international de la caricature in Montréal and in 2000 and 2002 at the Palmarès Communication-Jeunesse.

His advice for young aspiring cartoonists is simple. “Do a lot of drawing, working with live models if possible,” he says. “Get to know the skills of perspective and anatomy but most importantly, master the art of storytelling. Then find something to say and somewhere to say it!”

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