PODCAST: Freerunning in Quebec

PODCAST: Freerunning in Quebec

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By far the most fascinating aspect of Parkour is its mentality.

Born out of the cités in Paris, Parkour was a way for the young people of immigrant families on the poorer fringes of Paris to appropriate the urban environment instead of letting it stifle them.

Parkour, or l’Art du déplacement (ADD), is a practice that is only partially understood. What came to mind when I first heard about the discipline was the chase scene in the Casino Royale James Bond movie. When we think of Parkour, we often imagine people climbing up tall buildings and leaping across rooftops. And it is not in these assumptions that we are wrong; it is true that the experienced Parkour artist can climb buildings or walls, jump across rooftops and nimbly navigate through the sky-high structure of a crane (as in James Bond).

Parkour is indeed characterized by three basic motor skills: jumping, running, and climbing.

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