PODCAST: From hockey goalie to financial planner

PODCAST: From hockey goalie to financial planner

This is a recording of an article on moving to Quebec, Canada.

The article, written by Lyndsey Rosevear, is narrated here by Rosanna Haroutounian.
It first appeared in the July 2013 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Article by Lyndsey Rosevear



WilliamWill Evans’ Quebec adventure began in 2004 when he attended a summer hockey camp. As an avid university team goalie from the United States, he was keen to train with Quebec’s hockey elite and the reputed goalie ‘gurus’ of the north. He was advancing his net-minding skills and enriching his team back in New York State where he had just started studying Business at a small college. What he did not know at the time was how Quebec would spark something in him to embark on a journey that has linguistically, geographically and culturally changed the course of his life.

Hailing from Skaneateles, New York, Evans is a well spoken, good humoured, young professional Quebec City resident. He chose Quebec over Montreal to have more opportunities in French, and by having an affinity for hockey, he easily connected with the sports-mad Quebecois. On his northern training trip, he had made a few friendly connections and bravely decided to come back. This time to study.

Starting out as a sales representative for a sports company once Evans finished university, he jumped on an opportunity to achieve his career-related goal of working in the finance sector. While teaching an evening English class, one of his students referred him to his current place of employment where he began developing his own clientele. Being forced to get out and meet people has allowed him to benefit from the power of networking. Evans is now busy working on his own financial accounts and explains: “I have worked really hard to be here and to establish what I have professionally.”

When asked about a moment that identifies if it has all been worth it, Evans thoughtfully conveys moments when he is able to share his life in Quebec with his family when visiting. Being able to converse simultaneously in two languages, completing his education, establishing himself professionally and generating a life for himself in a new place are accomplished milestones any parent would be proud of.

Nine years since his first trip to Quebec, Evans has carved out a path based on hard work and perseverance. Anyone who has tried to create a life in a new place is familiar with the challenges, obstacles, successes and triumphs. Will Evans’ story is proof of how transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries is key in pursuing an enriching life and a prosperous future in Quebec. When getting fully acclimated to a new place, there are aspects that will seamlessly fit and make sense and there will be other aspects which will invariably will not. Evans advises “to accept it for what it is, embrace it and enjoy it.” Nine years later, he seems to be doing just that.

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