PODCAST: Gérard Deltell Interview

PODCAST: Gérard Deltell Interview

This is a recording of an article, written by Michael Bourguignon, that first appeared in the July 2014 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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When this article was published Gérard Deltell was a provinicial politician for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) MNA for the riding of Chauveau in the Quebec City region.

Today he is the Conservative candidate in the upcoming Canadian federal election for a riding in the Quebec region. 

With the sovereignist Parti Québecois now in opposition status in a majority Liberal government, it’s time to set sovereignty aside and get on with the issues that really matter to voters – and another referendum is not one of them. LiQ_Mag_Cover_July2014

So says Gérard Deltell, the newly re-elected MNA for Chauveau and outspoken member of the ‘other’ opposition party, François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ).

“What we need to do now is deal with the real issues of the people, and people voted against having another referendum. That was the key issue,” Deltell said in a recent interview at his Loretteville riding office.

As is often the case in Québec politics, voters expressed their distaste for the reigning party by marking their ballots next to the names of the candidates most likely to succeed, suggested M. Deltell, whose CAQ party finished third in the April 7th election. “We don’t want a referendum, so we’ll vote for the party that’s at the top of the polls,” he said of the voters’ intentions, “not because people disagreed with our platform, but they decided to vote Liberal instead.”

Until Québecois go to the polls next, M. Deltell and the CAQ intend to act as the unofficial opposition in the National Assembly, to be a watchdog on issues such as the economy, employment, transportation, daycare services and other issues of importance. “Our priority now will be to apply our platform. I think we have to stick to our guns and be proud of our projects. We already see the government taking a lot of our proposals, such as the government hiring freeze. That’s exactly what we proposed during the campaign, so we hope the government will remain on the same track.”

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