PODCAST: Homeschooling – how does it work and why do it?

PODCAST: Homeschooling – how does it work and why do it?

liq_sept2016_coverThis is a recording of an article first appeared in the September 2016 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Recording by Andrew Greenfield
Original article by Juanita Craig

“Kids need to be guided into learning what they don’t already know. It brings them to learn new things that they never knew existed.”

As the start of the academic year approaches, both parents and children must prepare themselves on numerous levels. For some, a child starting school for the first time can create enormous anxiety about everything from cost and logistics to the possibility of catching head lice, being bullied, falling behind or dropping out altogether.

Some parents opt instead to “un-school” their children by choosing the less trodden path of educating their children at home.

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Educating children by ‘unschooling’ them



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