PODCAST: Interview with Queens of Rock singer Elyzabeth Diaga

PODCAST: Interview with Queens of Rock singer Elyzabeth Diaga

Main pic: Queens of Rock’s Elyzabeth Diaga. Photo credit: Victor Diaz Lamich.

Elyzabeth Diaga, who had a number 1 hit a few years ago with ‘Touche Pas’ and stars in 70’s and 80’s revue ‘Rock Story’, now has her own one-woman show ‘Queens of Rock.’

We caught up with the artist at home in Montreal as she was preparing for her upcoming shows in Quebec City (12 November) and Montreal (12 March).

Here’s some of the things we discussed with Elyzabeth.

Q: Tell us a bit about your passion for music. Where does it come from?

Q: How did you get into singing and performing?

Q: What’s your background?

Q: What drew you to the rock genre?

Q: Who are your rock heroes?

Q: Who inspires you?

Q: You’re touring your Queens of Rock show at the moment. How has it gone so far and where have you performed?

Q: Are you touring Quebec province, across Canada, or further afield?

Q: What songs and artists are we going to be hearing during your show?

Q: Do you impersonate the original artists or are the songs your own interpretation of them?

Q: Why did you want to come and put on a show in Quebec City?

Q: Where next after Quebec City?

Q: What future plans do you have for you and the Queens of Rock show?

Here’s the full interview:

Queens of Rock official site

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