PODCAST: Joé Juneau goes from the NHL to Northern Quebec

PODCAST: Joé Juneau goes from the NHL to Northern Quebec

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Original article and recording by Ruby Pratka

One man’s quest to change young lives through sport

For generations, many Québécois have grown up with the dream of playing in the National Hockey League. Joé Juneau was one of the very few to actually get there – he played 12 seasons in the NHL from 1991 to 2004. After his playing days ended, Juneau was able to realize another lifelong dream, exploring Québec’s far north.

When he stepped off a plane in Kuujjuaq in 2006, he had no idea that his life and the lives of hundreds of young Inuit hockey players would soon change forever.

“I went up there to do some snowmobiling and discover the land. I had always been drawn to the North. I wanted to get to know the culture and what it was like there. I saw a lot of kids who had no access to organized sport, and that pushed me to do something.”

When Juneau came back from that first trip, he met a friend who had worked in Nunavik for many years and developed strong links with local leaders. Working with his new contacts, Juneau was able to put in place the first organized youth hockey program in Nunavik. “The first meeting took about ten minutes,” he recalls with a smile…



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