PODCAST: Martin Levac on the Quebec media scene

PODCAST: Martin Levac on the Quebec media scene

Quebec singer, songwriter, composer, and musician Martin Levac has been in the headlines recently having aired his thoughts on sections of television and radio playlists in certain areas of the province.

This all stems from his treatment by a well known Quebec media personality regarding his (Levac’s) 1985 album.

We caught up with Martin to find out more.

You can listen to the interview below, however it is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the goings-on in these posts here:






Here are the questions we put to Martin Levac:

We’re joined now by singer, songwriter, and composer Martin Levac.
He has a large and loyal following and has had for years.

He is well known as arguably the world’s best Phil Collins impersonator and has also crowdfunded his own album and tour.

It’s this album, titled 1985, that’s currently in the headlines in Quebec media.

Martin, thanks for talking to Life in Québec.

1. So for those who don’t know, what’s gone on with you, a TV presenter, and your album?
Could you explain the situation for us.

You posted a social media message which then snowballed.

We’ve seen headlines such as Martin Levac humiliated by Eric salvail, and then your responses and clarifications as a result.

2. Why did Eric Salvail (the presenter) act that way do you think?

3. Are other mainstream media personalities acting the same way when it comes to Quebec talent?

4. I feel privileged enough to go to many shows around Quebec and the vast majority I’ve seen have been top quality performances from artists.
I’ve seen your 1985 show, and Dance Into The Light. Both exceptional shows in their own right.

Can you tell me about the amount of work that goes into putting those shows and tours on?

5. Do you feel then, that Quebec talent is not getting the recognition it perhaps should?

6. What could be done to change that?

7. How likely is that to happen?

8. So why do you think TV and radio shows don’t play enough local artists?
The talent is definitely out there.

9. So what happens now, where do you and your fellow artists go from here?

10. Martin, I wish you every success for the future and thanks for talking to LifeinQuebec.com



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