PODCAST: Quebec Metro High Tech Park

PODCAST: Quebec Metro High Tech Park

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With surroundings that feel like something between a California-style university campus and a northern industrial zone, it’s easy to drive through the Québec Metro High Tech Park and know you’re in an area of the city not quite like any other. Bordered by highways and railroads, it’s an area most outsiders are unlikely to even visit, except while trying to find a shortcut in rush-hour traffic. With its lush trees and quiet atmosphere, the High Tech Park cultivates the aura of a hidden elf village – unknown to most, but a fount of innovation and development.

The Québec Metro High Tech Park has so far been a runaway success, and the city is looking to expand the concept in other sectors. Clearly, there’s a lot of faith in the concept, one that the city can only hope has a bright future.

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