PODCAST: Syrian refugees studying in Quebec

PODCAST: Syrian refugees studying in Quebec

Main pic: Patrick Duffley from the Boisgomin Student Residence in Quebec City and former resident Akram Ayoub chat to Andrew Greenfield from LifeinQuebec.com. Quebec City, Monday 26 October, 2015. Photo credit: Emilie Greenfield.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Patrick Duffley from the Boisgomin Student Residence in Quebec City and Akram Ayoub, a former resident of the centre.

The student residence is now offering bursaries to 3 refugees who are escaping the atrocities in Syria.

They need in the region of $45,000 to feed, house, and help the Syrian refugees with their studies.

Here’s how the conversation went…

We’ve all seen the terrible atrocities being committed in Syria and Iraq on a daily basis.
You only have to go online or watch the news on TV to get an update.
Many millions of people have been displaced and people are dying every day. Hundreds of thousands of people
have died since the conflict began back in 2011.

Here are some of the questions LifeinQuebec.com put to Patrick and Akram:

Q: Akram when did you leave Syria?

Q: Why did you leave Syria?

Q: How did you cope with the transition to your new life here in the Quebec region?

Q: What’s different about living here compared to Syria?

Q: What can Boisgomin Student Residence offer a foreign student coming to Quebec City for the first time?

Q: Why have you set up a bursary now rather than five years ago?

Q: How can people support your organisation?

Q: Why should they?

Q: How do people apply for a bursary?


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