PODCAST: The Aurian Haller Band

PODCAST: The Aurian Haller Band

This is a recording of an article on The Aurian Haller Band.
Folk, blues, jazz – you name it, they’ve written and performed songs in those genres.
They’re one of Quebec’s hottest local groups.

The article, written by Simon Jacobs, is narrated here by Michael Bourguignon.
It first appeared in the July 2013 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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The Band’s Beginning
Paul Hinton and Aurian Haller met about six years ago (around 2007) after Aurian moved to Quebec City.  Paul, who works for the English school board teaching music and community involvement, heard Aurian practising at St. Vincent School one-day and realised that he was not a usual run-of-the-mill musician.  They soon got together in Paul’s studio to work on some songs that Aurian had written.

First Album
Once they had enough material, Paul invited his two friends Barry and Daniel, whom he knew from other bands, to join them in recording their first album Normal Town which was released in 2011. “Normal Town is a place in Athens, Georgia, and was a strange place to be, especially right after 9/11,” said Aurian.

The Dark Room
In contrast, the band’s latest album, The Dark Room, reflects “our inner landscapes, our ‘paysages interieurs.”  The title song is based upon a poem from The Book of Hours, written by the early 20th century Bohemian poet, Rainer Maria Rilke who said of the darkness, “I love you more than the flame /that limits the world/ to the circle it illuminates/ and excludes all the rest.”  As Aurian puts it, “the rest is the darkness that excludes light, is mysterious, and that represents the spiritual experience.”  This poem became the kernel for the album.  A poster which is included with the CD contains all the lyrics and also includes the following explanation: “This album was written at night, in basements and cellars while our families slept.”

Aurian, who works as an arts consultant for the English school board is also a published poet, holds a Masters degree in literature, another in creative writing and a Ph.D. in cultural geography.

Brought up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Aurian is the only band member to come from outside of the province.  All the same, he had connections with the city as his father was born here to Newfoundland parents.  Even though his father was an Anglophone he still spoke French to Aurian, so that Aurian’s move to Quebec City was not too linguistically challenging. The band uses both English and French during rehearsals, switching effortlessly between the two languages.

Where and What Next?
Unlike many other bands on the local scene, The Aurian Haller Band does not play cover songs and would prefer to break into the festival scene, playing more concerts as their reputation grows.

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