PODCAST: The Canadian Tax System Explained

PODCAST: The Canadian Tax System Explained

Let us introduce you to Job Patstone.

He’s a quiet, unassuming man, a family man, a man of principle, and someone who from time to time gets a bee in his bonnet about something or other.

He likes to have a rant about all manner of things that really get his goat. Usually he rants to himself, or to anyone who might be within earshot at the time.

The target this time is the good old Canadian tax system. We all know it’s a complex animal and takes someone possessing the intelligence of an astrophysicist to fully comprehend at least the salient points.

For mere mortals such as us it needs explaining in layman’s terms. Step forward Quebec Ranty Man Job Patstone. He nails it for LifeinQuebec.com right here.

Taxes on bathroom tissue, but not on a dozen donuts, what’s with that?

Yep, it would appear you can buy a dozen donuts and not pay a cent of sales tax, which is nice if you like donuts. You will however, have to pay tax on the toilet paper that you will eventually need if and when those donuts, or at least what’s left of them, are digested and consequently ejected from your body. Now that may sound gross, but think about it and you’ll realize just how ridiculous Canada’s tax system looks to the outside world.

Read more on the Canadian tax system here.

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