PODCAST: The importance of sales

PODCAST: The importance of sales

This is a recording of an article, written by sales professional Rodolphe Meynier, that first appeared in the July 2013 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Engineers have, for decades, worked to structure, optimise, organise, and turn a profit on factories; human resources are increasingly normalised and structured; accounting by definition has been structured for a long time. LiQ_Mag_Jun2013_Cover

But what about the function that allows you to fill in the first line of your statement of income, the one that makes your venture possible: sales?

Why is this function so often the least well managed?

Let us begin with a small contextualisation.  We have had been intervening in Quebec’s small businesses for now over 23 years, and we are often confronted with the same reality – our companies do not know how to manage the sales function of their organisations.

A few years ago, competition was less present and demands outweighed supply.  In that context, the sales function was more one of representation and order taking.  Unfortunately, the market has changed and, unlike other activity fields of the company, the sales function has not evolved to reflect that reality.

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Rodolphe Meynier

Directeur général de Celsius Solutions Ventes et conseiller en stratégies d’affaires au Groupe Dancause, j’œuvre pour les entreprises qui désirent réfléchir à leurs prochaines étapes de développement, et je les accompagne dans l’atteinte de leurs objectifs.

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