PODCAST: The Lost Fingers finding their way in the world

PODCAST: The Lost Fingers finding their way in the world

LiQ_Mag_Dec_2105_promoThis is a recording of an article that first appeared in the December 2015 issue of Life in Québec Magazine.

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Original article and recording by Ruby Pratka.

Big in Spain: Lost Fingers finding their way in the world

Gypsy jazz traces its roots to 1930s France. Power pop was born in the glittering disco halls of the US and Britain. When two classically trained Québec guitarists and a computer technician turned bass player – Byron Mikaloff, Christian Roberge and Alex Morissette – combined the genres, The Lost Fingers were the explosive result.

“Lost Fingers came together almost by accident; it was very serendipitous, but once it did come together a lot of dots started connecting,” said Mikaloff, who previously had a Canadian hit single with the dance band One Ton. “Big things are coming, bigger than I’ve ever hoped for.”

When Life in Québec last spoke to Mikaloff, the band had just released Wonders of the World, a concept album that put a gypsy jazz twist on some of pop’s most famous one-hit wonders. Roberge had moved on to other projects and was replaced by François Rioux on guitar, and Québec singer Valérie Amyot added a new layer to their sound, which until then had been mainly instrumental.

“François is an incredible guitarist who’s going to be the next jazz guitar instructor at Université Laval in a few years. Valérie is only 24, but she’s an amazing singer. Alex and I have an overall vision for the project. Together we’re very strong,” says Mikaloff. He regularly refers to the group as “the project,” a musical animal that is constantly growing and changing. Since Wonders of the World, which received a Juno nomination, The Lost Fingers have been evolving in a wonderful world of their own creation…



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