Police brutality case in our own backyard

Police brutality case in our own backyard

Montreal (Quebec) 11 December 2014 – A police brutality case in the province has been exposed by a video which was inadvertently released by La Presse last week.

The video shows a Sûreté du Quebec (SQ) officer punching a detained individual in his cell while being interrogated. The officer punches the detainee a total of eight times in the video while the prisoner remains defenceless.

The individual being attacked in the video is Jean François Emard, the leader of the Rock Machine motorcycle club.

He had been arrested on October 5th of this year for having a burnt out headlight on his vehicle when the police discovered, by complete coincidence, 500 “meth” pills in the trunk of his car. M. Emard was taken into custody in Valleyfield just west of Montreal.

The video, which has no audio, shows that an argument got started in the cell between an officer and M. Emard himself, which ends up with the officer, Bruno Landry, punching M. Emard six times. M. Emard was sitting down at the time. Officer Landry then leaves the room but returns to punch M.Emard two more times. Because there is no audio on the tape we do not know what is being said between the two individuals.

Despite the lack of sound, the SQ has suspended officer Landry stating that any kind of brutality towards an arrested individual is unacceptable.

An inquiry has been started and officer Landry will eventually have to appear before a disciplinary committee who will decide his fate.

Whether he is found guilty or innocent will be decided by a special board, in the meantime, he will remain suspended with pay.

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