Police chase ends in St. Charles River

Police chase ends in St. Charles River

Saturday evening turned out to be a cold and wet ending for a fugitive who was running from police after being caught showing 10 year old girls something that looked suspicious. Police came upon the scene quite unexpectedly and when the young man of 18 saw them he started running towards a vehicle in which he drove off in with the police on his tail. He didn’t get very far with the car after he drove it off the road and onto a sidewalk.  He immediately exited the vehicle and started running again, this time towards the St. Charles River. With the officers still in pursuit he bravely dived into the river, which is about 4 degrees centigrade this time of year, and managed to rid himself of his pursuants, at least temporarily. The police had no intention of jumping into the icy water and they knew full well that their suspect wouldn’t last very long either because he would have to save himself from hypothermia and the possibility of drowning.

Police finally found the young man at his residence, soaking wet and shivering. A witness had seen him leave the river and told police where he lived. An ambulance was called to treat the boy for hypothermia and shock and took him to a nearby hospital where police questioned him about the incident.

Police primarily want to know what he was showing the young girls from the youth center that had them so interested since it was probably something illegal or illicit. The suspect was had violated probation, the car he was driving had been reported stolen and he was avoiding arrest; all things for which he will be charged with in court this week.

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