Police Operation Against Texting and Driving

Police Operation Against Texting and Driving

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 March 2015 – A national road safety operation will take place from March 23rd to 29th.

The operation will target driving distractions, especially cell phone use. Organized in collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec, the Association of Chiefs of Police of Quebec, the Police Department of the City of Montréal and the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), it will combine advocacy and intervention. To support the police actions, the SAAQ will broadcast a radio message against of texting and driving.

Note that in 2014, the use of cell phones while driving represented one of the main causes of collisions across the province. Whether talking or texting, this action significantly reduces attention and concentration of the driver, in addition to increasing the risk of committing further violations of the Code of Road Safety (CSR). For example, the combination of a texting while driving can increase up to 23 times the risk of causing a collision.

Remember also that under Article 439.1 of the CSR, the mere fact of holding in hand a device with a telephone function while driving is an offense. Any driver who commits the offense is liable to a $ 120 fine and three demerit points.

To ensure the safety of road users, note that several alternatives available to drivers. Use the mobile driving mode application, turning off a cell phone when traveling, asking a passenger to take the calls and texts and stopping in a safe place are examples.

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