Police Tactical Team called in following erratic behaviour in Limoilou

Police Tactical Team called in following erratic behaviour in Limoilou

Rue_CadillacIt happened in the Limoilou borough on Cadillac Street. A tenant in an apartment building seems to have lost his senses and started throwing things around in his living room, making so much noise that neighbours called 911. Upon arrival, the police were welcomed by furniture being thrown off the balcony of the residence and decided that the case was perhaps a little more serious than first expected. The man appeared to be so violent that the police called in the local S.W.A.T. known locally as the GTI ( Groupe Tactique d’Intervention).  Seeing that the individual had no intention of settling his problem diplomatically, the GTI battered down his door and took him into custody after disarming him of his baseball bat.

There was a woman present in the apartment at the time but it appeared she was more of a spectator than a hostage. After handcuffing the suspect the police took him to the hospital close by for a psychiatric evaluation. An investigation will be carried out to determine whether or not charges will be laid against the individual.

With the winter we have experienced this year it looks like this guy just might have had a severe case of “cabin fever”, unless it’s more serious than that. We’ll probably never know, but we hope for the best for everyone involved.

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