Policy for Using the Plains of Abraham

Policy for Using the Plains of Abraham

Want to use the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City for your event?
Probably best to read the press release from the National Battlefields Commission…

PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

Policy for Using the Grounds – A balance between accessibility and use of the park.

Quebec, December 7, 2012 – Today, the National Battlefields Commission announces its revised site use policy, which will come into force next January 1 and which informs organizers on the guidelines they need to follow when they hold an event on Battlefields Park.

The main policy change involves a new rating system based on public accessibility and the status of event organizers.

Among other things, event organizers will pay royalties on admission fees so that this money may be reinvested into the park for facilities and equipments to benefit citizens: a fair balance between accessibility and the various uses of the park, in keeping with its historic character.

The Commission distinguishes between two types of events: with or without an admission fee. For activities that do not limit access to the park and do not involve an admission fee, a minimum charge will apply for use of the site based on the importance of the activity. Should accessibility be reduced through an admission fee, the rating system will apply, in whole or in part.

To that end, the Commission differentiates between two categories of event organizers, the profit-oriented organizations (POO), which will have to pay 100% of the price of the tickets sold and of the occupancy of the site; and the non-profit organizations (NPO), which will be exempt from royalties and will benefit from a 25% reduced price on occupancy of the site.

Calculation of the rating system:
• Admission fee (POO only):
From 1 to 20,000 tickets sold by the organizer, the rate will be $20,000;
20,001 to 30 000, the rate will be $30,000;
30,001 to 40 000, the rate will be $40,000;
40,001 and over, the rate will be $50,000.

• Site occupancy (POO and NPO):
$1,000 per day
X number of days of site occupancy
(from the start of the mobilization until the very end of the demobilization)
X percentage of the basic rate
(100% or 25%, according to the organizer’s status)

It goes without saying that any applicant will still have to reimburse to the Commission all expenses incurred as a result of the event being held, such as electricity, surveillance, sewage, as well as the restoration of the grounds.

The Policy for Using the Grounds falls within the mandate of the National Battlefields Commission, manager of the site, which sees to the preservation and development of this magnificent, invaluable park, out of consideration for its users and to fulfill the park’s needs. Therefore, the Commission is anxious to maintain a balance between the events held, the preservation of the site’s historic character and the social and economic role of Québec rallying site par excellence.

This policy is intended for event organizers who, with the help of specific criteria, can use this tool to better plan their activities by taking into account the characteristics of the site, the preservation of its environment and the various uses planned by the National Battlefields Commission.

You can check the Policy and the appendices 1, 2 and 3 online (in French – English version to come): www.theplainsofabraham.ca

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