Polling the Future of Expo Québec

Polling the Future of Expo Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 February 2015 – Following a dismal showing at last summer’s Expo Québec, Québec City has decided to poll the population in order to ensure successes of upcoming years. The city will soon confirm which firm will be in charge of the survey on people’s expectations for the future of the annual event, though Mayor Régis Lebeaume has already noted his interest for the return to a more “basic” Expo.

This survey to take the pulse of those attending the centennial celebration – especially those who do not attend – was announced in December. A change of course is required because of the disastrous attendance at Expo Québec in 2014 – a drop of 26% compared to 2013 and 45% since 2008.

What do people want? How much are they willing to pay to go to the Expo? These questions will be asked, said ExpoCité President Vincent Dufresne, speaking to Le Soleil.

The firm that will take the survey will be determined shortly. The survey could be accompanied by focus groups with citizens. Certainly, it would be amazing to see the turn “extreme” began in 2013 survive. The idea at the time to have broken with the farming tradition to focus on the strong emotions has obviously not attracted new customers.

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